Aurora Photo for Sale

Angels Among Us…

#9999 Angels Among Us

The picture I have chosen to grace this post is an Auroral Corona which to my eye was like an angel descending into my backyard. People ask me if it is difficult catching photos of the Lady…what is truly difficult is taking your eyes away from the heavens to focus on the task at hand. Auroras are one of Nature’s wonders that I am blessed to see here in Northern Alberta. She causes many a sleepless night, especially in the summer when daylight exists well into midnight. In the winter, she is often discovered dancing earlier in the evening because, when conditions are right, it only needs is to be dark in order to view the dance. Each season brings its own “joys”…mosquitos that swarm relentlessly around your head in summer (which is sadly short) and Jack Frost nipping at your nose (and fingertips) in winter (which is alarmingly long). Eerie nights are spent alone with my camera on a country road – the sound of coyotes setting neck hairs on edge and playing with my mind as I wonder exactly what might be roaming just out of my night vision’s range.


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