Bella and Gracie dismantle Thanksgiving table…

Right now, in Northern Alberta, on our Thanksgiving Day, it is snowing to beat the band. That’s not anything unusual. We usually hope the white stuff makes its inevitable appearance after the kids enjoy Halloween but we deal with it. We’re hardy like that. How many times have I created costumes to fit over snowsuits? Just about ever year. This was great if one of them decided to be the Incredible Hulk…not so much if they wanted to be gossamer fairies. Nothing like having Tinkerbell look like she’s been doing steroids! Generally speaking there was a costume to wear for class parties and one to go door to door. No wonder mothers prayed to the winter gods to just stay put until well, you know, WINTER! Today I am thankful for so much. I am feeling thankful for being in retirement if only for the fact that I forgot to defrost the turkey. Instead of having our turkey dinner on Sunday, we are having it today, Monday, as the calendar has always demanded but we never adheared to due to having to be up early for work the next day.

We are having some good friends over for dinner and I had just out out the napkins and a little centrepiece – literally just turned my head – when Bella and Gracie decided to redecorate. No harm was done and the look on their faces made me laugh. Good food, fun with friends, cats that can make me laugh…life is good. I am thankful for laughter.

The days are getting shorter and that sucks after a summer of sunsets near midnight and sunrises long before we would even think of waking…even on a school day. The upside to this is that I can see phenomenal sunrises at 8am and glorious sunsets at 4pm. Even though the cold can get mind numbing, the Lady Aurora still comes out to dance and I am thankful for my warm coat and gloves and insulated boots that allow me to continue the chase even with Jack Frost nipping at my nose and toes. She’s been a bit elusive lately, not that she hasn’t paid some short visits – it’s just that the clouds (whom I can only assume are jealous) get in the way and are by no mean stretch attractive photobombers. That just makes me so much more thankful when I do manage to catch a show – no matter how brief. If you could just look up any old time and see her, what would be so special? Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian friends!

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