Happy Halloween!

Auroras are like clouds in that you can see shapes and forms (known as pareidolia). On a very strong aurora night, it quite overwhelms the senses. Some people claim you can hear the aurora. I cannot make that claim. I find the visuals produced in absolute silence much more magical and mysterious than if they came with a soundtrack. When the sky is filled with Aurora all around me I am surrounded in it’s dancing curtains and veils and cannot determine where to even focus my camera. It as if I have become submerged in some ethereal world and I can only move away from the shutter button and absorb it in my soul.

I can imagine, though, what the soundtrack to the Lady’s dance might be. I think she would have quite the playlist. From hip hop as she trips across the sky like flashbulbs going off – to horror movie violin shrieks as she turns into Scooby-doo type spectres (definitely without the laugh track). The piano effect is often played across the heavens…a little Cole Porter perhaps? The visuals provided by the Lady lend themselves to all genres of music and I propose that what you might hear would have less to do with the performer and more to do with the mood of the viewer. Looking back on photos, I often see them differently with time and mood. A scene that once evoked gossamer wings across the sky now appear as ghostly spectres under the influence of Halloween. In this photo I see a ghostly spectre screaming from the heavens…perhaps yelling towards my car – GET OUT!!!!!

In the middle of nowhere imagination reigns…not for the faint of heart 😉
Happy Halloween!
get out defined

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  1. Love the way you write about nature’s biggest show. And yeah, your choice for your Hallowe’en post certainly did look scary!


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